Data scientist / Telecommunications engineer/ Neuroscientist

Telf: 0049 15165135245



Address: Johans-Langmantel Strasse 26, 82061, Neuried, Bayern, Germany

Nationality: Spanish

Work Experience

2014-present (Germany)

PhD candidate at Sirota Lab, Ludwig-Maximiliam University. Doctoral position to study the dynamics between the cortical areas and the parahippocampal areas during sleep and their effect on memory consolidation. This involves different areas of knowledge:

  • Signal processing, using Matlab and Python 2.7 (scipy, numpy, pandas, ...) to get multitaper- spectrograms, signal whitening, Hilbert transform, causal filters, wavelet-transform.

  • Machine learning, using supervised and unsupervised techniques as PCA, ICA, Gaussian Mixture Models, logistic regression, neural networks.

  • Bioelectronics, collaboration with the center Centre Microélectronique de Provence at the École nationale supérieure des mines de Saint-Étienne in the design and testing of novel bio-compatible neural probes.

  • Animal experimentation, behavior tracking, development of a testing suite with Python 2.7, Qt and OpenCv. Rodent surgery, virus implantation (optogenetics), silicon probes and in-vivo and acute experiments.

  • Electronics, development of the control system for my experiments based on Arduino with access to motors, solenoid actuators and different photo-transistors.

2013-14 (Germany)

Assistant scientist at Sirota Lab, Werner Reichardt Center for Integrative Neuroscience, Tuebingen. Applying signal processing techniques on electrophysiology data.

2010-2012 (Germany)

Engineer, Telemotive Ag, Sindelfingen. Testing engineer at Daimler factory in Sindelfingen. In charge of testing the multimedia communication between the Head-unit of the car and different multimedia devices through MOST and CAN networks as well as bluetooth. Developer of different functionalities in C# for the internal testing framework.


2012-2014 (Germany)

Master of Neural Information Processing, University of Tuebingen. Theoretical and practical training in a wide spectrum of computational neuroscience topics, with main focus on signal processing and machine learning techniques. (

2009-2010 (Germany)

Internship at Daimler AG, Sindelfingen. One year internship to work on my master thesis. The final project was related to the development of new diagnosis features for telematic applications in the car.

2000-2008 (Spain)

Master in Telecommunications Engineering, University of Valladolid. Telecommunications engineering with focus on signal processing and telematics.


Spanish Mother tongue.

English C1

German B2


Experience in a wide range of programming languages: Matlab, Python, C, C++, C#, PHP, Java, Javascript, Ada95.

Industrial software development in C#, C++, and Python.

Communication skills: clear and direct communication, scientific and technical plotting, reporting and presenting (Matlab and matplotlib).

Electronics: Arduino, sensors and motors. Self-made PCB design with Eagle. Raspberry Pi.

Experience with electrophysiology recording systems as Neuralynx and Open Ephys.

Experience with commercial motion capture systems from Vicon.

Personal skills: stand alone projects, collaborative projects, project management, students monitoring, international profile, leadership.


Analytic thinking, management strategies, development strategies, critical but empathic analysis of other people ideas.


Data mining, software development, machine learning, natural learning, behavior, electronics, signal processing, project management.


Lead a highly motivated and technical group of people in an harmonious atmosphere to get the best from data analysis.


Aikido, member of the Tendroyu Aikido association.

Occasional climber, runner and swimmer.

Japanese culture.

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